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Introduction well, let's see, i am a huge nerd, and i show it, in a subtle way, not like some people that you see around town. i'm a nerd in the sense i like reading, i'm good at math, and i let a little weirdness through the surface. i love my Lord!! my youth group is pretty awesome...both of them. The Pulse is our band, it mostly rocks.
Interests <3 tennis, band, newspaper, speech and debate, reading, photography!
Favorite Movies any movie with a good story line. lame endings just irk me.
Favorite Music <3 blues, soul, oldies, the good stuff... i'm diggin newer stuff too, but not the over-played, i never want to hear this song again in my life type of songs...i know there are people out there who love those songs....
Favorite Books I <3 new, fresh books that just get into the bookstore or library. any genre is fine by me, as long as it's not war-ish, sci-fi (some exclusions may apply)