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Gender Male
Industry Advertising
Occupation Retired
Introduction My mother disliked cooking. Her greatest food moment came when Pop Tarts were introduced. Pop Tarts meant that an entire meal, breakfast, could be cooked in a toaster. Her mother, Goldie Dunleavy, loved to cook. Goldie and Frank (her private eye husband and renowned butter aficianado) lived in a small apartment by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Goldie's kitchen was 10' X 6'. But the artistry of what she could do with that tiny kitchen and that tiny stove is beyond words. My earliest memories are of her baking me date cookies from scratch. From scratch! Toss together flour, butter, eggs and dates and heaven emerges from the oven. And the Thanksgiving feast that would come forth from that 60 square feet defied description. The fact that we had to eat that feast in an apartment that was kept at 82 degrees is another story. Because of Goldie, I developed a lifelong love of cooking and a steadfast commitment to never let the thermostat get higher than 68 degrees. Grab a sweater, kids, and come enjoy your delicious dinner!
Interests Cooking, wine collecting, technology and electronics, cars, video games, reading, upland game hunting, biking, Formula 1, perfecting the art of being a homebody.
Favorite Movies Spaghetti Westerns
Favorite Music The Beatles, Prince, Neil Young, Yo-Yo Ma, Beethoven Symphony #9
Favorite Books The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The Witching Hour, Plum Island