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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Market Analyst
Location Silicon Valley, CA, United States
Introduction Wow, this was easy and amazingly free. I am a big Giants fan and I hope to use my experience in business (MBA) and analytics (nearly 25 years) to bring up interesting facts to other Giants fans so that we may better understand the team's chances for success (or not) and hopefully share their insights with me. Please read my "OGC's Business Plan" link to better understand what my philosophy is for building a successful MLB team. I want to teach and share my love of baseball and, in particular, my love for the San Francisco Giants. I will believe to my dying days that Bobby Bonds should be in Baseball’s Hall of Fame for being one of the few to bring the combination of power and speed to the game. Why a blog? I love technology and society and just wanted to participate in this trend to see what it felt like. Plus I have a lot of questions I would like answered about the Giants and since I don't see anyone else tackling them, I've taken it upon myself to do it. Not that I'm that special, but just that I'm willing to put in the time to investigate them.
Interests Business Strategy, Scenario Planning, baseball, sabermetrics, comedy, music, movies, TV, board games
Favorite Movies Hard Day's Night, Ground Hog Day, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Marx Brothers (all), Abbott and Costello (all), Martin and Lewis (all), Star Wars (all), Star Trek (all), Batman (all), Superman (all), Monty Python (all)
Favorite Music Beatles, The Apples In Stereo, Plain White T's, many others
Favorite Books Business Strategy, Scenario Planning, Sabermetrics, Baseball, Investing, Biographies, Self Improvement

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