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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Mad Genius
Location Smallville, Kansas, United States
Introduction Just a normal guy who thinks a bit differently then most. I have a wonderful daughter, Princess High and Mighty (PHM). She is already 21. The Beast is my equally as wonderful 18yr old son. He is a old soul in a cartoon body. I have been married to my Wildcat for the past 25 years. We have had the ups and the downs and the lower then downs.Still waiting for the upper then ups, but I know they are coming. I am a bit odd, weird and can even be interesting at times but that's just me. There is more to me then most people care to know. I can be deep as a well or as crass as a pirate. Only the rare few who have known me longest know what a complete and wonderful mess I truly am.
Interests I am a scanner (no, not the kind that makes your brain explode) so my interests change frequently. A Scanner is just another term for what in ye olden times was called a Renaissance man. Everything excites and interests me so I cant settle on one or I suck the life outta a subject, immersing myself in it fanatically, know all there is that I want to know and toss it aside. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and depression but I am climbing out hand over fist.
Favorite Movies The Crow, Sweeney Todd, ah hell, there are just way too many to name. a bit of the "revenge for love" always gets my antenna perked up. Prefer Trek over Wars. I can even watch a "chick-flick" but then my allergies will flair up. I AM NOT CRYING! YOURE CRYING I love the theater. Going to a play is a joy I rarely get to indulge in.
Favorite Music Right now? nothing. Take me to mosh-pit, line dance or a black tie affair. I can blend in at anything. Put a couple of drinks in me and I just might even dance. I have to admit I do like some broadway show tunes.
Favorite Books favorite authors: Stephen King, RA Salvatore, J K Rowling, Orson Scott Card and even some Koontz. The Odd Thomas novels by Koontz are good but King books are like really good cake. You want more and more but you know the more you eat the less there is. The Harry Potters and the Percy Jackson are a fun read as well.

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

duh. I got punched in the mouth by Abraham Lincoln when I called Sara Rutledge a foul and low woman. He popped me a good one but then we had a good laugh and drank some rye till Tad got home.