About me

Industry Arts
Occupation Bohemian Paper Artist
Location Ontario, Canada
Introduction I'm Samara. Feel free to email me! I am Bohemian. Hippie. Mommy. Autistic - High Functioning Asperger's, Pet Lover. Color freak. Introvert. Quirky. Crier. Country Girl. Artist. Loyal. Protective. Leo.
Interests The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...Aiming wishfully to live a well rounded, honestly spoken, balanced life.
Favorite Movies A Beautiful Mind, Rain Man
Favorite Music Josh Groban, Israel (Somewhere Over The Rainbow) Undisputed Truth - and Tempations Version, Kenny G, and everything my 16 year old likes.
Favorite Books Peme Chondron's books, Sum 40, Essential Musical Intelligence, Q&A a day for Kids - a 3 year journal, First Rate Madness - A link between Leadership and Mental Illness, The Third Jesus, Emotional Intelligence, Quirky Yes - Hopeless No, Asperger's From the Inside Out, The Faith Club, The Clain of The Cave Bears Series, Thinking in Pictures - My Life with Autism by Temple Grandin.