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Introduction ETH888 is tightly coupled with Ethereum's blockchain and takes less than 4 seconds in average to finalize a bet. Unlike similar Ethereum casinos taking more than a minute, ETH888 offers an instant and smooth user experience to all players. With blockchain integrated, everyone can scan and verify transactions through the public chain. One may question that, if the public can get access to all transaction records, there will be threats in privacy issues. No worry, all identities presented in the chain are merely a very long text hash (called an address), totally decoupled from the Internet IP address, to assure total anonymous, which is an inborn nature of blockchain systems. ETH888 is definitely an user-friendly Ethereum casino for newcomers or expert players to get started, by getting rid of the tedious registration procedure. To cash out, unlike ordinary online casino, it takes days. We only take minutes because a well-known cryptocurrency ETH is fully supported.