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Gender Male
Industry Consulting
Location DC
Introduction Recalling certain gentleman of other days, who made drinking one of the pleasures of life - not one of its evils, and who whatever they drank proved able to carry it, keep their heads and remain gentleman, even in their cups. Their example is commended in their posterity.
Interests Puppies, Fixing things, Cars, 4wd's, Traveling, Craft Beer, Top Gear, Optimus Prime, Oktoberfest, meat and grilling, Offroading, British TV
Favorite Movies Hot Tub Time Machine, Star Wars, The Departed, Boondock Saints, Indiana Jones, Bond Movies, Home Alone, Beerfest, Forrest Gump, In America, My Blue Heaven, EuroTrip, The Wizard of Oz, Rochelle Rochelle, Deathblow, Chunnel, Prognosis Negative, Gran Torino, Beerfest, The Hangover, Simple Jack, Super Troopers, Superbad, Step Brothers, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Downfall, Behind Enemy Lines, The Dark Knight, Can't Hardly Wait, Elf, A Christmas Story, Terminator
Favorite Music Metallica, DriveShaft, jason, Prestige Worldwide, Robin Sparkles, Jason Mraz, AC/DC, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Bob Marley, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Jet