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Occupation wild chihuahua
Location Phoenix, AZ, United States
Introduction I write as Pico the Chihuahua because he's everything I'd like to be. He's brave, daring, curious, honest, smart, loving, quick, tough, funny, and a really great friend. Funny, I used to hate Chihuahuas--until I got to know one. Your comments make my day. Contact me at azdoberescue@gmail.com -- my other main thing is Doberman and occasionally Chi rescue. All site content is copyrighted. Borrow but please credit Wild Chihuahuas and link back to this site. If you add Wild Chi to your blogroll, let me know. I'd like to return the favor.
Interests AZ, the Southwest, the South, politics, public policy, folk art, making art with polymer clay, wood, and/or leather, spiritualities, peace and justice, environment, music, dogs, humor, food, travel, trade beads
Favorite Movies L.A. Confidential, O Brother Where Art Thou, the Bourne flicks, anything by the Coen brothers, Shakespeare in Love, Z, Manchurian Candidate, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Like Water for Chocolate, Babel, Annie Hall . . .
Favorite Music original rock, Dylan and Baez, classical, jazz, blues, instrumental bluegrass, African and Latin American ethnic
Favorite Books La Maravilla, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, The Complete Shakespeare, The Shock Doctrine, The Chalice and the Blade, Bastard out of Carolina, The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens, Gore Vidal's political stuff. . .so many books, so little time.

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

I don't eat pennies.