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Introduction Now in my twenties, I have had a great deal of allergic experiences, whether it's being turned down to eat at restaurants or finding ways to eat while traveling all over the world. I have always lived with life threatening allergies to numerous foods and environmental allergens, as well as having asthma. I hope to use this blog as an outlet for my own daily experiences and to give parents and children inspiration to not allow allergies to stop them from pursuing what they dream of doing. I am a licensed elementary school teacher, with my Masters in Elementary Education and my Bachelors in Journalism. My senior year of college, I did an independent study on children with food allergies. I realized as I interviewed parents, that many were afraid of allowing their child to go anywhere without them present. I was raised by parents who understood a child's need for independence. My parents showed me how to become the independent, adventurous, world traveler that I am. When I spoke with these parents, they were invigorated by my stories, and by seeing that their children could live a normal life. I want to help bring out that voice- the one living and thriving with food allergies.