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Gender MALE
Occupation student
Location Connecticut, United States
Introduction I love movies. The fantasy, the intellectual exploration, the sheer adrenaline thrill of charging down a dark alley armed with nothing more than a half empty revolver and a fistful of luck. That being said, Hollywood doesn’t always make liking movies easy. Year after year, they force us to ask, why the hell can’t they get their act together? For every eye popping explosion of fun, humor and excitement is a load of mind numbing deadweight. For every good movie, every pulse pounding tearjerker of emotion and discovery, I see another that sounds like nails on a chalkboard, looks like a half-assed Picasso and feels like a mix-master is being taken to my brain. While there are varying degrees of good and bad movies, there is a very distinct line that I like to draw between the good and the really, really ugly. Ultimately, I pass judgment on a film as either affirming my continued faith in Hollywood and the film industry in general’s ability to produce quality, watchable films or being a blight on the collective intelligence of mankind. At the end of the day, it boils down to one question, does a film affirm my faith in Hollywood, or threaten it? And yeah, I do feel lucky, punk.
Interests Movies, Comic Books, Skiing, Exercise, Learning, Books, Television
Favorite Movies V for Vendetta, Batman Begins, Animal House, Independence Day, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Cloverfield, 300
Favorite Music Little bit of everything, Hard Rock, AC/DC, Def Leopard, Queen, Steppenwolf
Favorite Books Ender's Game, The Three Musketeers

Does a movie make you want laugh, scream, cry, smile, gasp or lash out?