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Gender Male
Location Israel
Introduction I am an Orthodox Jew committed to fighting for Jews, Judaism, & Israel.I hate apathy, ignorance, and superstition which are anathema to authentic Torah thought. I love all Jews, the exceptions being the categories of sinner that we are halachically required to hate. (Ex. "the informer", "the pursuer", and the heretic who causes other Jews to sin.) My dream is Yossi Sarid's nightmare, a state run according to authentic Torah law. I view physical and spiritual threats to world Jewry the same way. Both warrant the uncompromising reach of the Jewish fist (and whatever implement the fist may be holding) as indicated in the Torah. My introductory platform to save Israel is rather simple. Purge the government of it's Judenrats and try them for treason. Throw the Arabs out, bounce the missionaries on their heads, and crush the mafias that sully the country's soul. Motto: "Tikkun Olam with a sledgehammer."
Interests Torah study, weightlifting, physical conditioning/hand-to-hand combat, hiking/camping, reading, writing.
Favorite Books Torah Works: These hardly qualify as books, being that the Torah is the Almighty's word. I would recommend that Jews spend time studying the Rambam's Mishnah Torah. I highly recommend every book, article, and Torah work written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, May G-d Avenge his blood! (Magnum opus: "The Jewish Idea", and "They Must Go!", which contains a comprehensive blueprint for rehabilitating the State of Israel / Self-Defense: Kill or Get Killed by Colonel Rex Applegate, Articles by Carl Cestari, Attackproof by John Perkins / Strength Training: Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubrik