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Occupation Writer/Mom
Location Hudson, OH, United States
Introduction In three days I will be 42. I author 2 blogs and have the bound, typed draft of my first novel in my bedside table drawer. Editing my book is my current goal-- keep me on track, friends!! Can I complete this book by the time I'm 43? I have a mild Facebook addiction, a medium-sized magazine addiction, and a nighmarish addiction to reality television, like "Hoarders" and "Obsessed." So few TiVos, so many shows. . . My son, Jono, is 15, learning to drive, and plays baseball every day, often in far-away places like Nashville. Or Solon. My daughter, Abby, 12, is in drama camp all summer, as if she needed more drama. Sam, 8, loves lacrosse and older women. My husband, Adam (a.k.a. The Dutch Boy) works a lot and wears a lot of starchy clothes. He also travels to far-away places-- I try to keep track, but often he calls me from a hotel and I can't remember where in the hell he has landed. He adores me :) I have a tiara, from 1985, that I treasure. I pull it out on special occasions, and it may or may not make an appearance in the novel. All of this makes life completely worth it on a daily basis. I hope the blog reflects the real world in which I live-enjoy!