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Introduction I'm a-thinking I need to change this beginning line as it's getting old!!! This unexpected journey has taken me many miles, turns, places, and growing pains, too. I had written "I'm starting a new journey... a really unexpected one this year. It looks like the old breast cancer wants to come back in the bones! So how do I handle this? There are so many thoughts, regarding life and death, and God's plans for us, healing, and daily living. I'm just going to share some of my thoughts as I go through this valley (or mountaintop!) experience. I do hope it will not be a "woe is me" but an uplifting continuance of God's love expressed. But if I'm down sometimes, and need prayer, maybe I'll share that, be prepared to pray, too!" And now we'll see how God leads for the rest of this wonderful year.

Do you have some advice for me for this blog?