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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Computer Crap
Location Boise, Idaho, United States
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Introduction Reading comics, playing with toys, and spending far too much time thinking about dinosaurs. And robots. Oh, and robot dinosaurs. Who will bring me pies.
Interests absurdist humor, alan moore, animals, animation, arthur "two sheds" jackson, athens, atlanta braves, ayn rand, baseball, black adder, bones, brian k vaughn, cartooning, cartoons, chris ware, clive barker, comedy, comics, computers, critters, cryptozoology, dinosaurs, dog tricks, dogs, drinking, freedom, glenn beck, grant morrison, guinness, guitar, homebrewing, idaho, independant comics, irish whiskey, jack kirby, jim woodring, joss whedon, libertarianism, mandolin, money, monty python, muppets, neil boortz, obscure instruments, paleontology, parody, personal responsibility, pets, pixar, politics, reptiles, road trips, robert bakker, rowan atkinson, science fiction, sleep, small press, steve ditko, something awful, strong bad, tattoos, tax reform, the band, thick and dark beer, total fark, trading spaces, traditional conservatism, trogdor, ugly things, video games, warren ellis, women, beatles, bela fleck, bluegrass, blues, bob dylan, charlie parker, david bromberg, fred eaglesmith, improvisational music, johnny cash, jorma kaukonen, live music, neil young, phish, pogues, rockabilly, steve earle, tom waits, traveling wilburys, william whitmore