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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Galley Slave
Location At the top of a hill, United Kingdom
Links Audio Clip
Introduction I live alone at the top of a hill, and have done so since my wealthy industrialist parents were lost in a plane crash over the Andes in the mid-70's. Raised by a business of ferrets (who instilled within me family values, love of nature and the ability to chew beetles without grimacing) I chose not to use my resources to fight crime - and instead I simply buy things and stare soullessly at them until the need for another life-affirming purchase drives me from my lonely eyrie. (I'd like to see some Polish fraudster manage to steal my identity from that little lot. Good luck there, Pavel.) [PLEASE SEE COWARDLY DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, AFTER LEGAL MUMBO-JUMBO AND PRO-ZOMBIE, ANTI-REAL LIFE BLOGGER RANT]
Interests A deep love of fracturing others' flimsy sense of reality, a love of mocking pomposity and self-righteousness., Oh...and hypocrisy.
Favorite Movies The Third Man. That's about it. When they come up with another film that makes me want to relieve myself in the chair rather than miss any of it by wasting time on a trip to the toilet then I'll let you know.
Favorite Music I'll get back to you on this as I haven't heard all of it yet
Favorite Books Hugely outdated reference books that make my living-room look like an Irish pub makeover

Random answer: It's because the Kelp Babies do not discuss their dietary habits with fishermen