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Industry Education
Occupation self employed
Location South Bay Area, Northern California, United States
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Introduction I am Mamarazzi, like paparazzi but cuter and WAY less intrusive. I got my nickname from my 15 yr old daughter and her friends, when she was 12. I am always following them around with the camera, doing my best to document our many adventures. So far they are grateful, but I anticipate it won't be long before that i am enjoying my Mamarazzi status while it lasts! We are LDS. We are a very close family because we each know the importance of quality family time. We most enjoy time spent around the family dining table, some of our best conversations happen there. We play games after dinner every night and enjoy each others company and humor. Our blog Dandelion Wishes is named for all of the Birthday, penny in a fountain, falling star and dandelion wishes we have made, along with many prayers, for siblings for our daughter J and our deepest desire to expand our family. We are exploring many ways of adding to our family and making our wishes come true, including foster to adopt.
Interests game nights, dinner parties, family time, Family Home Evening, FHE, LDS, decorating, crafts, cooking, menu planning, organization, art, swimming, horseback riding, foster adopt, adoption