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Introduction Writing my own profile is way harder than a typical blog post. Ok, here goes…..
My family (Me, Hubby, our son and daughter) find ourselves in the happy situation of being able to travel once or twice each year. We started blogging our trips in 2011 with a long road trip. It seemed like a great way for the grandparents to follow along with us as we traveled around. Now 4 years later we are still blogging our travels. I don’t know who reads this beyond our family and friends. But hopefully it's enjoyable, if not helpful in planning your own travel.
You will sometimes see pics of our son in headphones… these aren’t plugged in and playing sound. They are noise cancelling headphones. He is on the autism spectrum and sometimes need to the world around to be a bit quieter. We don’t talk to much about special needs on the blog, we live it so don’t think of it as different. But sometimes it jumps out and realize we are in a unique situation. He (like all of us) enjoys traveling. He has some traditions in traveling that work for him…. most work for us as well. We think traveling with kids is worth the adventure.