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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Entrepreneur: Author, Artist, Clothing Brand Owner
Location CA, United States
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Introduction I'm a young man who loves to inspire others through what I've learned; which in turn inspires me by learning from others' opinions as well. (P.S. I also write poetry on the Poetizer App. Search using the same name: D.C. Stoy) Instagram: d.c.stoy Facebook: D.C. Stoy Facebook Page: Stoy Inspiration
Interests Poetry, Introspection, Life, God, Sports (basketball), Moral Improvement, Music, Differences in Generations, Reading, Writing, Books, Films/Shows, Inspiration, Stories, Superheroes
Favorite Movies The Mask of Zorro, The Equalizer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, East of Eden, North by Northwest, Les Miserable, James Bond, Django Unchained, The Dark Knight, Black Panther, Once Upon a Time in the West, Ong Bak 3, The Shop Around the Corner, All About Eve, Man of Steel, John Q, Taken, Rebel Without a Cause, The Godfather I, II, III, Casablanca, Indiana Jones, Singing in the Rain, It's a Wonderful Life, Rear Window, On the Waterfront, Avengers (Marvel), Mad Max: Fury Road, Tenet, The Prestige, Before We Go, The Last Samurai, Serendipity, The Artist, When Harry Met Sally… Favorite Shows: Naruto (Original and Shippuden), The Blacklist, Daredevil, The Punisher, Stranger Things, Sherlock, Vikings
Favorite Music Gospel, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz, Soul, Funk, etc... Best Music Artist of All Time: Michael Jackson Best Rapper of All Time: Tupac Shakur Best Gospel Artist of All Time: Don't have one too many to count Best R&B Artist of All Time: Too many to count as well
Favorite Books East of Eden, Redwall (series), Bible, Boy's Life, Piercing the Darkness, The Illiad, Agent Zero

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