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Gender Female
Location Adelaide, Australia
Introduction I come from the Land Down Under where the two primary food groups are Vegemite and Tim Tams. If you haven’t tried Vegemite you really haven’t lived. I highly recommend you run out and get some and slather it on a piece of bread about an inch thick. I promise you'll love it. I frequently eat vegemite sandwiches or coco pops for tea because after a full day of hanging out with the pre- school crowd in my day job, I usually can’t recall my own name much less cook dinner. It’s OK there are no actual kids living in my house so I’m only neglecting grownups. Not doing housework, windows or my own grocery shopping frees up my spare time so I can quilt, sew , blog, attempt to bake and lay on my lounge playing games on my Ipad. I only iron when I need to press quilt seams. I only wash when we’re in imminent danger of running out of clean undies. In fact once my husband had to draw me a map so I could find the laundry. My blog is a random place where I document my (mis)adventures, occasionally chuck in a swear word or two and vent my spleen about all manner of things. This is a place only for the very brave or slightly insane. Welcome.
Interests Patchwork, Quilting, Chenille, Vintage Sheets, Vintage Fabric, Fabric, Genealogy, Chocolate, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Cooking, Crafts, Sewing, Frugal Living, Reading, Adelaide, home renovation, furniture restoration