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Industry Arts
Occupation Artist, writer
Location Alton, Hampshire , United Kingdom
Introduction I’m Jo - quirky artist, writer, traveller, mental health advocate, music lover, wild west nut intrigued by science. Renaissance soul with potty sense of humour. Pleasantly eccentric, I'm told. Five years ago I miraculously recovered from 30 years of depression over a period of three years. I’m blogging about the rebuild of my polymath life on Creating My Odyssey. Five years ago chance led Husband and I to the mental health team who brought me to where I am now. Which proves that provided sufferers of depression know where to look, help is available. That's the hard part. My blog is a great vehicle for my creativity and life. I’m unleashing everything that was hidden under a bushel! I’ve been writing an epic novel forever. Alias Jeannie Delaney is the life story of a devastating cowgirl who’s the fastest gun in the west and also bisexual. Since my recovery I decided it’s time to get it out there. I’m blogging about it and Husband has taken me in hand and we're slowly editing our way through it. My blog covers a varied mix of creativity, travels, mental health, and anything that grabs my attention. Thank you so much for visiting.
Interests Art, writing, travel, wild west, boating, films, history, paranormal, architecture, archaeology, medicine, science, space research, human biology, beach combing, reading...
Favorite Movies Action, comedy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Minions, Shrek, Arnie, Men in Black, X Men, Galaxy Quest, Indiana Jones, James Bond.
Favorite Music Various classics, jazz, rock n' roll, rap, dance, some western musicals, pop, choral, Gregorian chants ..
Favorite Books Some auto/biographies, paranormal, Bill Bryson, Alan Titchmarsh (British author), humour, travel, art, ...