About me

Industry Science
Occupation Biologist/ Plant Ecologist
Location Hines , Minnesota , United States
Introduction Fascinated with biology since 12-years old. Earned BS, magna cum laude, 1974, from Univ Houston; PhD, 2004, from Univ Minnesota. Found my true home 2O+ years ago... Minnesota! LOVE all things northern. Cherish my simple life, am intrigued by potential for badly needed evolution of Homo sapiens with exponential growth of knowledge and capabilities. Lost BOTH parents summer of 2012 ;{ Science, as always, helped save me. Have a wonderful long-term sweetheart and two beautiful, smart doggies who have been key as well. Am excited about our future. The process of grief is an interesting one... my passions changed. For some reason, I began studying philosophy and am beginning to understand its value. I'm intrigued with quantum entanglement.
Interests Research, in particular as it informs an understanding of how the natural world works. Philosophy, in particular as it strives towards an understanding of human behavior.
Favorite Movies Life of Pi... God as that aspect of the universe that can save us. Some aspect of dark energy perhaps.
Favorite Music Psychedelic rock
Favorite Books Hermann Hesse