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Gender Male
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Occupation Author/Public Speaker
Location Santa Cruz, California, United States
Introduction I am the author of over 100 books about Science, Cosmology, Politics, Physics and even Science Fiction. Titles include America 2.0, Anti-Matter, Brain Drain, The God Particle Bible, The Origin of Creation, Real Elections 2020, The Global Constitution, Only You Can Help Save The Earth, The Future of Cars, Metamorphosis - #AI Cocoon, Maxtricity - the Science of Entangled Electrons, Can Electrons Learn, Autonomous Government, The 4 States of Consciousness, Born Again - The 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told, The Green New Deal, The Future of Cars, A Course In Miracles, AND my latest - The Science of Physics - Proof That God Exists. I hope to win the Nobel Prize in Physics and/or Literature. I'll take either one. I'm a pretty prolific writer about Science and Science Fiction - both my passions - and published nearly 100 books which led me to the inventions that I have made that can help save our planet before we go over the Tipping Point, just a few short years away where the Earth will start to emulate the climate on VENUS which is 900 Deg. F. and nothing can survive - also due to the Green House effect of too much CO2 in the atmosphere. Let's get moving!!! .
Interests science, science fiction, ebooks, green new deal, politics, political revolution, elections 2020, einstein, nobel prize, public speaking, audible books, movies, best audible books,
Favorite Movies Star Wars, Star Trek, Day of the Triffids, Little Big Man, Heaven can wait, Casablanca
Favorite Music Beatles
Favorite Books The Science of Physics, The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism, Brain Drain, Anti-Matter, Autonomous Government, Someone Completely New, Maxtricity-The Science of Entangled Electrons, Metamorphosis: #AICocoon