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Gender Male
Industry Law
Occupation Software Developer
Location San Jose, CA
Introduction I live in California and I own guns. I have been around guns my entire life. My father was a Marine Corps Sniper during the Vietnam War and thereafter was a rifle instructor. As a child I received very careful and strict instruction from him concerning guns, their function and their uses. I began shooting paper and wooden targets at the shooting range in my front yard (we lived out in the country). I think I was maybe seven or eight years old when I fired a .22 rifle for the first time. On my 10th birthday my father bought me a rifle of my own which was called a "Little Buckaroo" and made by Marlin. Now that I am all grown up, I too have a small collection of the guns. Some of these happen to be the dreaded "assault rifles" that the populace has been taught to live in fear of. Since I live near San Francisco bay area, I am surrounded by those who are ready and willing to sacrifice their natural rights and the natural rights of their fellow countrymen so that they can have a naive, warm and fuzzy feeling of safety. I will continue to live my life the best and I can and help and education others along the way.
Interests God, Guns, Guitars, Gold
Favorite Movies Life is Beautiful, Top Gun, Forest Gump, Shooter

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