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Introduction We are Up-cycling mod! Currently Claire, Julia, Dory, Molly, and Sophia! We lovely ladies enjoy rethinking the trash situation, why through something out if you can make something with it? Even if it's a card, or a funny quote board made of Trader Joe's bags, we try to be mindfully creative with our waste.
Interests From Urban Dictionary: Making crap out of garbage. Just like Martha Stewart used to, but "original" and more pretentious. Examples of upcycling: Earring made of Christmas lights. Painting empty liquor bottles and calling them vases. Purses made out of soda can pop tabs. Putting your baby pictures in beer caps.
Favorite Movies Bride's Maids
Favorite Music throw backs!
Favorite Books women's erotica

What up-cycling crafts have you done? What should we do?