About me

Location United States
Introduction I got bored. I blogged. I conquered.
Interests Photography, sudoku, astrology, drinkin', smokin', and cussin'
Favorite Movies Kill Bill, Death Proof, Death At A Funeral, The Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Limited, the parts of Superman Returns with Kevin Spacey in them (but not the rest of the movie), Spiderman 2, Batman Returns, Legally Blond (it's my guilty pleasure), The Stepford Wives (the original version)...etc?
Favorite Music Radiohead, The Shins, John Mayer, Say Anything, Simon and Garfunkle, The Appleseed Cast, Regina Spektor, Foo Fighters, etc. I also randomly listen to bluegrass and it makes me happy.
Favorite Books Books? heh..umm... The lovely Bones, Harry Potter, Walk Two Moons, Speak, and I should read more.

You've rented a sky-writer to propose to your significant other, but it's completely overcast. What will you do?

I would write my proposal in pig's blood across the bedroom wall, cover myself in the blood, and play dead until he comes home. When he leans over my bloody body, I'll suddenly jump up and go "WELL? WHADAYA SAY?" Yep, that'll make an impression.