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Introduction I give 110% to my endeavors. I love learning and think that is an integral part of what makes me stand out in the things I am passionate about. I have the ability to help others feel confident in technology usage. I am patient, push just enough, and enjoy finding what makes others "tick." I like to help others find their strengths and grow in their weaknesses in a safe environment. I can lead, direct, follow, or exist- depending on the need at hand. My brain doesn't shut down easily and I always seem to be thinking about ways to make things better, whether it pertains to me or not! (Guess that could be viewed as a negative too). I use my gift of humor to put people at ease. I use my gift of empathy to put myself in others' shoes. I use my gift of attention to details to map out whatever task is before me. I am probably one of the most outgoing personalities for a technology person that you will meet. I'm an enigma, wrapped in a riddle- with a side of donuts.
Interests Reading, learning, working out, Alabama football, Downton Abbey episodes, time with family and friends, JDRF, Jesus