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Introduction The mission for R(us)s here at Volunteer Jam is to shine an ever loving light on the albums and bands of yesteryear that enrich the living of life through these aims. 1. Sharing albums of second tier classic rock bands who's catalog's have been weeded out by numerous shitty greatest hits compilations. 2. Posting kick ass comps I've made over the years. 3. Exploring the experimental and tasteful prog of decades past. 4. Southern Rock and smiling! 5. Fripp 6. Posting the albums my dad and I used to rock out to in hopes that he can figure out how to download and alas get his vinyl collection on to cd. 7. Classic Hard Rock and Metal for dem asses The music here will be mostly releases from roughly 64'to 83',but will not be limited to the aforementioned. However I will never post anything that came out after 1995. I hope you enjoy and I already love you even though we may have never met..... Please leave comments,it makes me feel better about myself.