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Gender MALE
Occupation Slacker-for the time being
Location Hollywood
Introduction I am a cinema junkie and a budding film-maker,often quite confused in choosing the right words to put(as will be obvious )forth.I love films and life(though it gets pretty sucky too). A nihilist by nature who believes there is no purpose or reason we exist-WE SIMPLY DO,But hey lets make the most of it anyways right!
Interests Films, Alcohol, Politics(safe), psychology, girls, Astronomy, Paleotology
Favorite Movies Now seriously this is such a daunting task and I cannot just put forth a list-every film is dear and close to me.Anyways of all the genres I believe pure science fiction(No, transformers is not sci-fi) moves me the most.Favourite film if you put a gun against my head and ask me would be Ridley Scott's seminal 1979 classic-ALIEN.
Favorite Music Not too much into music but like trance, house and jazz
Favorite Books Again too many to simply make a list

What would Tyler Durden do?