R. Lee Riley

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Gender Male
Industry Consulting
Occupation PM, Enterprise Collaboration / Portals / UX
Location Salisbury, North Carolina, United States
Interests politics, dissidence, Maya, esoterica, occult, philosophy, design, poetry, debate, freeverse, bulldada, homo, voice overs, spoken word
Favorite Movies Ink, Pi, Requiem for a Dream, Donny Darko, 2001, Citizen Kane, The Women, House of Sand and Fog
Favorite Music Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits, Christy Moore, David Byrne, The Human League, Coldplay, Toni Childs, Deanna Lynne, Kraftwerk
Favorite Books Island, Ishmael, The Fateful Triangle, Tertium Organum, Practical Alchemical Philosphy, The Fate of the Earth

Try writing your name with your other hand. Where was that person raised?

Each of me in a barn, no matter how we write. Now... typing is a whole other story.