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Gender MALE
Industry Transportation
Occupation Trucker
Location Naples, Idaho, United States
Introduction Freedom Through Teaching Others Self-Reliance.
Interests prepping, survival, homesteading, emergency preparedness, independence, gardening, farming, guns, seeds, individual rights, food storage, conservatism, Alex jones, patriots, patriotism, Libertarian, Libertarianism, freedom, hunting, fishing, alternative energy, off-grid, survival, Ron Paul, self-reliance, fighting communism, fighting socialism, fighting fascism, fighting corporate capitalism, fighting for freedom, sustainability, fighting globalism, self sufficiency, peak oil, over population, organic gardening, fighting monsanto, goats, chickens, raising livestock, constitution, founding fathers, 2nd amendment, 1st amendment, free speech, right to keep and bear arms, gun shows, tea parties, tax revolts, blogging, bill of rights, America, coast to coast am, Art Bell, free market, liberty, shtf, teotwawki, ****These are Things I'm against****:, big government, corporate capitalism, fascism, socialism, national socialism, communism, marxism, Karl Marx, nazi's, racists, obama, Bush, cap and trade, bail outs, general motors, AIG, banks, welfare, social security, Monsanto, Income Taxes, Property taxes, over taxation, slavery