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Industry Student
Location MD, United States
Introduction What can I say, I'm a crazy teenage girl that has mood swings that can give you whiplash? Well your probably not interested in that. I'm a vegetarian, hispanic, outcast. Yea, it's not all sunshine around here, but I make it work. My friends are sometimes crazier than I am, and that's saying a lot, but they make me smile everyday. And of course theirs that boy, the one that makes you blush, makes you roll your eyes, and most importantly makes you cry every night. Ahh how cliche, I sound like every other girl my age. Perhaps I'm not so different from them as I hope myself to be. Though I may sometimes be a selfish bitch, I always try my best to be kind to others, most of the time it doesn't work. But then again it's the effort that counts right :]. To learn more about this crazy average girl follow me!
Interests Makeup, Reading, youtubing, chatting it up :D
Favorite Movies Slumdog Millionaire, Sixteen Candles, Finding Nemo, Wall-E