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Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction I’m not going into that good night – gentle or any other way – for as long as possible. Hence the launch of this blog in December 2009 a month before my 65th birthday. Why the blog's name? When my doctor temporarily prescribed statins to reduce my cholesterol levels she told me to exclude grapefruit from my diet. I received the profoundest sense of my own mortality. I’ve never liked grapefruit but now banned they called to me siren-like from supermarket shelves. Forbidden grapefruit, it can only be a short step until my body was denied solid food and then oxygen itself. Originally a cultural blog subtitled last stop before the abyss, after building a large archive, I re-launched in a new guise in March 2012 and again in April 2014. My interests are widespread; by nature I prefer to look forward rather than back. I’m male; divorced with grownup children; a retired national newspaper journalist; and a Londoner. GC
Favorite Movies A Bout de Souffle, Alfie (original version), Animal House, Barbarella, Blade Runner, Cabaret, Casablanca, La Grande Bouffe, La Strada, Lawrence of Arabia, Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare In Love, Starship Trooper, The African Queen, The Deer Hunter, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Searchers, The Third Man, The Thirty-Nine Steps (Hitchcock)