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Introduction I'm an Aggie. I am a Texan. I am a sister, daughter, and friend. I love movies and television shows and music and books and I live my life in quotes from these. I make mistakes. I try to learn from them. I over-analyze and overthink and at times I'm incredibly irrational. But I'm also incredibly grounded. I have a strong support system. I have a big heart. I am better at other people than I am at myself. If I have resolved to love you at some point in time then I will love you all my life. I get easily attached. I'm maybe too trusting too fast but I gladly accept the consequences of that. I am terribly aware of what is the right and appropriate thing to do and I honor that even when I don't want to and it hurts. I have a tendency to undervalue myself. I am trying to be more honest. I am happy. I am helpful. I am loved. I am a veritable font of minutiae.