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Introduction George Hayduke is my nom de guerre in the information war. The shoe fits. I was trained to be an elite information warrior and achieved the highest marks possible in this training. Alas, I couldn't kill off my conscience and have decided to fight for the causes that have come to be my raisons d' etre: Democracy, Liberty, Justice and Truth.
Interests Surfing
Favorite Movies Waking Life, Coffee and Cigarettes, Fire in the Sky, JFK, Masked and Anonymous, Fight Club, Pi, Immortal Beloved, Before Sunrise, The Big Lebowski, Searching for Bobby Fisher, Who Killed John O'Neill?
Favorite Music Mozart, Coltrane, Hendrix, Cohen, Doors, Tool, Crass, Rancid, Lee Perry, Beatles, My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse
Favorite Books To grasp much of what I say it's important to have a base of knowledge that includes the ideas of, among others, Jim Marrs, Will Cooper, and Mike Ruppert. Read "Crossing the Rubicon" by Ruppert. Read "Behold a Pale Horse" by Cooper. And read "Rule by Secrecy" and "Alien Agenda" by Marrs and you'll be ready to jam.