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Gender MALE
Location Asheville, NC
Introduction Well, I'm like anyone else tryin to make it through the densities. : ). I have an amazing girlfriend and partner in life, Alexandria Nicole, w/out her i don't know where i would be. Together we are something special.I feel that I am here for the Galactic Ascension process of 2012 that has been subtly happening for years. I feel the need to help humanity and to give back to my community,family & friends what they have given me. I feel that we are connected to an infinite divine source, God, Consciousness, Energy, whatever you may call it. All is in Divine Order, All is One. Together with my partner and alaskan malamute Maya, I have come to love the life i have created for myself and want to help others do the same. About me.Theres nothing about me. Its all about You. Thank you, I Love You.
Interests STS9, Nature of Reality, Consciousness, Music, Crop Circles, Sacred Geometry, My girlfriend and dog, Veganism, The "I" beyond the "I", Family and Friends, The mountains, Mind Expansion, Yoga, Meditation, Common Unity, and very deep dark psychedelic trance.
Favorite Movies movies are great, but its all an act. I'm more interested in the presence behind the scenes.
Favorite Music I have an overwhelming obsession with the band Sound Tribe Sector 9; I feel as though they have been a VERY huge, if not the complete contribution to my awakening.When they stay true to the musical moment, they alchemically change your awareness to a lighter density. I feel they are here to help us transcend into the 5th Dimension, as well as transcend the limitations of this physical reality.
Favorite Books anything that deals with the nature of reality. and is written from love and light.