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Introduction I'm an ordinary guy I guess. In the real world I'm a 40-something Englishman, pen-pushing accountant, married, kids, moderate income. Never been involved in politics before, but at that stage in life when I’m paying more than a passing interest in what's going on in society. So does that entitle me to preach to the masses? No! But I feel strongly enough about a few things that I want to put finger to keyboard about them. This blog will catch me when I feel strongly about some news item or other, so may not always be coherent. But it will be from the heart. I titled it - a little cheekily - "NoBollocksPolitics", because it may be the precursor to me moving into politics proper. The prefix is because I, like many I suspect, feel that in the UK the populace are being fed a sterile blend of the same old fodder from politicians of whatever ilk. A characteristic of a NoBollocksPolitician - other than speaking the truth as he sees it - is that he will see reason if it is placed before him. I invite you to share your views and look forward to hearing from people who DON'T agree. Because there's nothing worse than a politician who does not listen and learn....