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Introduction I’m the heavy lifter in the family—a.k.a. Daddy, the compost hauler, wheelbarrow pusher, and the one who knows the trick to keeping the garage door from slipping off the track. Here’s the rub—I didn’t start out that way my underdevelopment was a point of pride—June reminds me of my skinny arms, my bony jaw, my boyishly concave chest. The fact is that my work in publishing demanded that I carry nothing heavier than The New York Times Book Review. I’m a writer and a New Yorker, for crying out loud, better suited for expeditions through the concrete jungle than anyplace measured by acres. But here we are now living in Maine where people are proud of the work they do themselves. Let's just not tell anyone that I left all the outdoor lights on every night for a long while after we moved up here. It's dark out there! And no matter that the only tool I owned when we left the city was a small hammer with a chipped claw that had belonged to my father But I love this place, this sky, this river, and our eight-footed family! And guess what? The Times reads just as well on the iPhone, and it’s a whole lot lighter.