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Industry Education
Occupation Mother, Wife, English Professor and College Career Counselor
Location CT, United States
Introduction I haven't been the same since my beautiful little boy was born on Aug. 11, 2008. Before his arrival into this world, I was a driven, full-time college administrator and professor. My career was my life, but boy was I in for a rude awakening! If I thought I was crazy and disorganized before Little Lewie, then I now know that I have completely lost my mind. But, I should say that I lost it in a good way. While I recently started working full-time again, I live for scheduling play dates and reading advice columns about parenting. Every day, I appreciate my many blessings more and more, and now I simply can't imagine my life without my husband or my little guy. I LIVE for our weekends together and see everyday as a new adventure.
Interests Thrifty shopping, rollerskating, walking, hiking, tap dancing, traveling, being a mom, parenting, protecting the environment, gardening, teaching, writing about higher education, career advising, writing memoirs, letter writing, blogging, arts and craft shows, healthy eating, organic food, pilates, exercising, watching the sunrise, learning new things, and the simple things in life.