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Industry Science
Occupation secretary (for now)
Location Maryland, United States
Introduction I am an artist, an animal rescuer, and an environmentalist. I have two blogs, Little Stone House and The Dragon Nthly. The Dragon Nthly is my business blog. Little Stone House is my blog about how my boyfriend and I try to live simply and minimize our impact on the Earth. (With eight cats, that can be a real challenge!) We are not Luddites, but we try to use the greenest technology we can and to minimize our use. We also do not live "plugged in" to popular culture/TV/consumerism. There are elements we follow, but we don't allow it to pollute our lives. We are vegans, and we are learning to grow our own food and do our own home repairs. Thank you for reading!
Interests homemaking, frugal living, voluntary simplicity, environmentalism, animal rights, animal welfare, foodie, reading, books, sewing, art, crafting, photography, writing
Favorite Movies "Harvey", "The Breakfast Club", "Fight Club", big fan of horror films and dumb comedies. Some chick flicks (I'm picky about my chick flicks.) We don't have TV service, but we make copious use of Netflix and the public library.
Favorite Music metal, new age, classical, electronica/techno/psy-trance, "classic rock", southern rock
Favorite Books _Watership Down_, _Shardik_, _Bag of Bones_, _The Shining_, _The Stand_, many, many others!