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Industry Education
Location TN, United States
Introduction It's all my mother's fault. She required that I pluck my eyebrows and get professional instruction @ an Estee Lauder counter before being allowed to wear makeup. And she started me on the Reader's Digest leather bound classics before middle school.   Healthy products are important to me. And so is quality literature - with lots of history.   I also have a random fascination with the UK, a regular Anglophile. Can you find the Oxford comma hidden on this page?   Ask me to review any book or beauty product, and I'll do my best!
Interests Beauty Products, Natural Beauty, Nail Polish, Travel, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Double Negatives, Sentence Structures, Conjunctions, Possessives, Plurals, Dogs, Eating, Social Networking, Social Media
Favorite Music I was a music major. I hate this question.