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Introduction I'm founder of Diganzi Group and work all over the world, leading strategic dialogues which enable organizations to focus on their own brand DNA. I'm Founder of The Club of Venice, a private conversation on brands and branding; faculty member at Academia di Belle Arti Cignaroli of Verona, Italy where I teach “International Branding: Theory and Practice”. Please have a look at the new Fourth Edition of my book "What Is A Brand?, available on Amazon. I also wrote some novels: The Captain Blackpool Trilogy is a genre-hopping historical series embracing romance, adventure, the wild west. 'Arborea' is set at an exclusive resort in the redwoods. It's about lodging and hospitality in the luxury category. 'The Book of Deals' is a rowdy experimental romp through the avaricious LA real estate world in the 1970s. 'The Hacker' and 'Hack is Back' young technologized India at a startup in Delhi.