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Location Rural East Texas
Introduction When someone asks me what I "do" for a living I used to say I am retired. But lately I've started saying that I'm a typist for the Holy Spirit. Casper Supreme, as I like to call the Holy Ghost, keeps me busy and I have three different blogs. My main blog is for writing practice. I used to post on a weekly basis but now I've freed Casper up and we just post whenever we get together. If you are my friend on facebook you'll get a note to go to Jane's Journey. I have a food blog with recipes and the stories that go with them. Our family likes to eat so we do a lot of cooking. That blog is called My Life in Food. I have a third blog for all those unique and interesting things life brings. It's not really stories as much as experiments or discoveries. That one is called Really Cool Stuff. Lately, it's been mostly my work with labyrinths. I always welcome comments or questions. My email address is jane@2els.net