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Occupation Pharmacy Tech
Location Phoenix area, AZ, United States
Introduction I have 3 full time jobs. I'm a Pharmacy Technician, Wife, and Mother. I have 5 kids that keep me hopping from day to night. I have been married to my wonderful husband since 2005. We both had children from previous relationships, but we consider all of them "ours". We have our own little zoo consisting of 3 dogs, 2 cats and fish. Hubby is a Plumber. He rides a Harley and loves NASCAR. He is also a very talented artist. I love to crochet, I'm learning to knit, and someday I'd love to learn to paint and sew. The kids have their own interests including music, friends, video games, television, annoying each other and driving us crazy. Our dream is to have our own little shop where we can sell our items and supplies. Maybe after we finally find the elusive winning lottery ticket. heh.
Interests Really, with 5 kids, who has time for anything? I love to read, but my literature is limited to whatever I can read in the bathroom before someone comes knocking. I love crafts. I crochet, I am learning how to knit.
Favorite Movies The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Gone with the Wind. One of my quirks is my love of really bad movies. I will find something endearing in some movies people tout as absolutely worthless. I have a weird sense of humor!
Favorite Music I love quite a bit. I prefer Rock on the radio. I also have some country favorites, and enjoy Broadway. The Ipod is a great invention. What better way to tune out whining?
Favorite Books I love so many! I have a Sony Reader, so I read all of the time!

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Well, the dish ran away with the spoon, so maybe the fork is their love child.