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Gender Female
Location Lancaster, SC, United States
Introduction Hi! I'm Nancy. I'm mom to a college senior, hereinafter referred to as BoBegan (future CPA) and furbaby Sophie (Wondercat). For decades I’ve said, “Words are my business.” My fascination with words began when I realized I first grade that I could read the Dick and Jane readers. I knew I could read at school, but had no idea there was a practical application. One day at home I picked up a magazine and actually recognized words on the page, which to me was absolutely fascinating. I grew to love reading, and devoured as many books in the school and public libraries as I could. Fast forward several decades. I found myself earning a living as a medical transcriptionist – so at that time words were indeed my business. I was ultimately replaced by a voice recognition system. Now I don't use my fingers to pound a keyboard for eight hours a day, typing over 100 words per minute, turning out page after page of black & white documents. I use my hands to turn a blank piece of chipboard into a colorful component of a word. Rather than “workin’ for the man every night and day,” I’m the CEO, CFO, creative talent, and housekeeping department of Alpha Banners, and I’m loving it!