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Introduction Transformed freedom is the true inspiration for Team Transformation/Evolution. Our development of couture fashion is explored through an analogy with the evolution of life’s creatures. The team literally creates an evolution of movement by transforming sculptural materials into clothes, which flutter, billow and flow on currents of air. We are all socially clothed, covered and colorful beings, and this unique comparison to snails without shells and the graceful jellyfish is made visual with rubber, wire, leather, and natural fibers. Fashion is a social construct that evolves, and we focus on the dynamic relationship among clothing, sustainable practice, and the future of humankind. Rejecting petroleum-based materials as a vestige of an extinct form of life and a threat to the contemporary biosphere, the team uses natural materials to express the possibilities of a new relationship between fashion and social transformation. This project visually evolves from primordial soup to couture dress as the transformation of women, freedom and future of mankind is showcased.