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Introduction A full-time life enthusiast, I believe in traditions, rituals, having adventures, throwing themed parties, and playing dress up. I study what it means to be human and how to improve the human experience. I love learning about history, food, world religions, folklore, languages, and how people understand the world around them. I love the gospel and my family. I go to Hindu festivals on the fly, plan on learning to ride an elephant, get eye twitches when I'm stressed, talk passionately, want to grow up to be a true lady, and wonder if it's really that hard to learn to play the banjo. I’m a small town girl who found her people in DC. I believe I can change the world.
Interests I love to dance, cook, eat, read, look at clouds, watch movies, plays, and operas, make movies, fly kites, laugh, camp, find constellations, chalk driveways, vent with righteous indignation about injustice, plan themed parties, play dress up, draw and paint, pull pranks, play my musical instrument of choice - the kazoo, puddle jump, and just generally suck the marrow out of life.