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Location inner-city outlands, Melways ref: 29 G6, Australia
Interests marginal culture beyond of the anglo-american imperium, anomalies, tending the garden, dancing, things that smell good, humans, tactile sensation, phenomenology, cephalopoda, the spanish civil war
Favorite Movies the third part of the night, the ninth configuration, la classe operaia va in paradiso, le orme, der große verhau, who wants to kill jessie?, sedmikrasky, fruit of paradise, taking off, diabel, anna, apna desh, the 5000 fingers of dr t, themroc, salto, dawn of the dead, the thing, they live, cloverfield, the descent, naboer, ivan's childhood, thomas l'imposteur, spider, senya ichiya monogatari, woman of the dunes, funeral parade of roses, kurotokage, skupljaci perja, macunaima, postava k podpirani, judex, peter ibbetson, firemen's ball, messer im kopf, cuadecuc vampir, mababangog bangungot, amelia & the angel, the unknown, o thiassos, the voice, the texas chainsaw massacre, 7362, inland empire, hedgehog in the fog, sweet movie, les idoles, le locataire, la voie lactee, l'age d'or, la femme aux bottes rouges, touche pas a la femme blanche, love life of the octopus, in the year of the pig, outer space, gerald mcboing boing, quasi at the quackadero, bambi meets godzilla, night of the hunter, little black riding hood, conspirators of pleasure, wake in fright, superjail, délicieuse catastrophe, dellamorte dellamore, don kihot, adam curtis bbc series, can those tv carnage dvds be considered movies?, etc
Favorite Music birdsong, penderecki, jani christou, ilhan mimaroglu, bernard parmegiani, ivo malec, dubravko detoni & acezantez, omar khorshid, sarolta zalatnay, serge gainsbourg, ennio morricone, linda perhacs, bley/peacock synthesizer show, r d burman, asha bhosle, tom dissevelt & dick raaijmakers, tp orchestre poly rythmo de cotonou, lubomir panek sbor, swell maps, dj carhouse & mc hellshit, vomit lunchs, the birthday party, hildegard von bingen, sylvie & babs, ros sereysothea, szeki kurva, bai guang, the sounds of the junk yard, etc etc etc
Favorite Books pynchon, zizek, the dream world of dion mcgregor, project for a revolution in new york, the getaway, barefoot in the head, europeana, bizarre, the exploits of engelbrecht, the manuscript found in saragossa, the adding machine, the ballad of the sad cafe, the palm wine drinkard, 100 years of solitude, popular scientific recreations, the long emergency, investigating sex, the story of the eye, radio free albemuth, crash, the loved one, the lost ones, 1984, 2666, poetics of cinema, the shadow and its shadow, lipstick traces, noise, days of hope, sexy polizei, zerox dreamflesh, hopital brut, stockhausen serves imperialism

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

a golem waiting to happen