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Introduction I love to cook. My family loves to eat. I was an only child with a stay-at-home mom, so I didn't learn to cook until I got married 25 years ago. (My husband may say it's more like I didn't learn to cook until about 20 years ago! : ) Whatever the case, a very simple ground beef casserole type dish was one of the first things I learned to make from the back of a packet of Lipton Beef Noodles and Sauce. My husband nicknamed this first edible dinner "Slop -n- Goulash" and that name has stuck forevermore. Had not made it in years, but our 25th wedding anniversary got my husband feeling all sentimental, and it was resurrected this past year. My 21 yo daughter even called and asked me how to make it recently and her fiance loves it, too. I have since learned to cook very well, although I don't like all those fru-fru recipes you see on tv, in magazines and on the internet. I like easy to find ingredients (and I like them to be called by their common-folk name, not the hoity-toity ones you hear on the food network shows, etc.