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Gender Female
Occupation Wife, Mother & Novelist
Location United States
Introduction Originally from Texas, I relocated with my family to Idaho in the early 2000s - we love it here. I write several genres, or more specifically, I combine genres to write a story.
Interests God, Family, Freedom, Time travel, Science Fiction, History, Classical Literature, Fantasy, Myths and Legends, YA Contemporary Fantasy, Historical Romance, Mysteries, Family Sagas, Family Legacies, Family Politics, Success Principles, and weirdly, Classical TV shows like: Here Come the Brides, Bonanza. Alias Smith and Jones, and Maverick
Favorite Movies Pretty much anything but Rated R or higher., and potty humor. Just not a fan. *shrug*
Favorite Music I'm eclectic. Mostly I enjoy stuff that doesn't set my nerves on fire - I am ADHD and I have hearing sensory issues.
Favorite Books See me on GoodReads

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

My true love's. Of course, you'd think I'd have it memorized, but there is this thing called "auto dial..." :D