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Occupation Professional Musician, Animal Collector
Location Sunny California
Introduction It all began in Lincoln, Nebraska, a pretty town and wonderful place to live. My sisters think I went to school much too long. I did go on to New York, then Paris and Cambridge and with the final PhD after my name, I called it quits and actually got a ... job. But now, years later ... where am I ? You'll find me in the barn, or in the garden, or painting something, but most likely out polishing a horse or two... or maybe brushing the dog, feeding the cats, or out gathering eggs. There's probably a pile of books near the chair that overlooks the horse area, or maybe a sun hat for the days when I just sit and watch all the animals that are a part of my family and life. This is right where I want to be. Just whiling away the hours on my little farm, with a cat in my lap, a dog at my feet and a horse very nearby.
Interests Horses, anything that needs to be fed, remodeling anything still standing, playing dress up and having lunch with friends, love photography and am usually toting a camera.
Favorite Movies Howard's End, Amadeus, Greystoke, Young Bess, and stuffy old world British films, plus a few chick flicks like, Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, and that real old timer "Kings Row".
Favorite Music Lots of Bach, and lots of Blues.
Favorite Books British History, Biographies about almost anyone, Stories with happy endings-a few tears are ok-but nothing sad, Love those stacks of Horse Catalogs